• Invisalign FAQs


    Invisalign is a popular treatment for gradually straightening teeth, using clear, removable aligners. It doesn’t involve brackets or wires and isn’t as restrictive as metal braces. If you’re interested in Invisalign, you probably have some questions about how it works, so we’ve put together this list of frequently asked questions to help you decide whether Invisalign is right for you.

    • What is Invisalign, and how does it work? Invisalign uses aligners made of a patented thermoplastic material called SmartTrack®, which is FDA-approved and contains no BPA, BPS, latex, or gluten. These aligners are virtually invisible, because they’re thin, clear, and fit over your teeth snugly. Using a unique, digital treatment plan created by your doctor, the Invisalign aligners are designed to apply force at exactly the right place and time, and your progress will be closely monitored by your doctor.
    • Why should I choose Invisalign? The aligners’ near-invisibility is a major benefit, primarily because people might not even notice you’re wearing them. Unlike traditional braces, the aligners can be removed when you eat, drink, brush, and floss, and for special occasions. There are different aligners on the market, but Invisalign aligners are the only ones made of SmartTrack, which fits better and is more comfortable.
    • Can anyone use Invisalign? Invisalign is a great way for both adults and teens to improve their smile without the hassle of traditional braces. Almost all common teeth-straightening and bite issues can be fixed using Invisalign’s innovations and technological advancements. There’s even a blue dot on the outside of teen aligners, to help parents make sure their teens are wearing their aligners enough.
    • How many hours a day must I wear Invisalign? You’ll need to wear your aligners 20 to 22 hours each day, changing to a new set of aligners every week or two, under the guidance of your doctor. You’ll have regular appointments with your doctor, typically every four to six weeks, to monitor your progress.
    • How long does Invisalign treatment take? The length of Invisalign treatment varies from patient to patient and depends on a variety of factors. Your doctor will evaluate the complexity of your case to determine how long your treatment should take, but how conscientious you are about wearing your aligners will have an impact on your progress as well. The average treatment time is 12-18 months, but many patients begin seeing results in just a matter of weeks.
    • Can every dentist and orthodontist provide Invisalign treatment? Doctors who want to offer Invisalign treatment to their patients must complete specialized training and become certified Invisalign providers.

    Park 56 Dental Group is a certified Invisalign provider, offering personalized, quality dental care in a spa-like environment. We serve the Midtown, Central Park, Upper East Side, Park Avenue, and all surrounding Manhattan and New York areas, with a patient-centered practice that has hours to fit your schedule. Schedule your complimentary consultation today by contacting us online or calling us at (212) 826-2322.

  • Invisalign® versus Braces

    Are you trying to decide between Invisalign® and braces? The first modern braces were invented early in the 19th century, and since then, there have been great strides in the field of orthodontia. Invisalign® is one of those strides, offering people the opportunity to correct their teeth without the look of traditional braces. Which method is better? The answer depends on many factors, from the severity of your issues to how quickly the teeth need to be shiftedHow do you make the decision?  

    • Invisalign® is more than just invisible alignersThere will also be “attachments” glued onto the teeth, which will be either opaque or tooth-colored and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you have crowding, you’ll have to have interproximal reduction (IPR), which is a type of shaving of the teeth. Be prepared for this IPR to remove .1-.5mm or more of your tooth enamel, permanently.  
    • The Invisalign® aligners are a big draw. Not only are they less noticeable to other people than traditional braces because of their transparency, but they’re also removable, which is convenient. You can remove them to eat your meals or clean your teeth, and it’s much easier to thoroughly brush and floss with the aligners out of your mouth. You will change your aligners every week or two, essentially treating your own misalignment.  
    • Braces move teeth more quickly than Invisalign®The fastest way to move teeth is with low, continuous force, providing constant stimulation to the ligaments around the roots of your teeth. This is best accomplished with Nickel-Titanium (N.T) arch wire, especially when it’s a type that’s high-grade and treated in a way that allows them to work continuously in a low force, at body temperature. High-tech, self-litigating braces move the teeth fastest, while at the same time using the least amount of force.  
    • With traditional braces, you’ll also have pieces glued to your teeth. They’ll either be stainless steel, clear polymer or ceramic, and they’ll serve as connectors for the arch wire that will move your teeth into position. Except in rare circumstances, IPR is not used with traditional braces.  
    • The big drawback of traditional braces is that they cannot be removed. You won’t be able to take them out to eat or clean your teeth, because they’re glued on with a fluoride-infused resin. Good dental hygiene is vital when you have braces, and you will need to see your hygienist every four to six months for your gum health 


    At Park 56 Dental Group, we provide personalized, quality dental care in a spa-like environment. We offer pediatric, prosthodontics, endodontics, oral surgery, Invisalign®, emergency, and sedation dentistry, all at the highest level of treatment. We serve the Midtown, Central Park, Upper East Side, Park Avenue, and all surrounding Manhattan and New York areas, with a patient-centered practice that has hours to fit your schedule. Schedule your complimentary consultation today by contacting us online or calling us at (212) 826-2322.  

  • Caring for Your Braces

    If you have invested in braces to straighten your teeth, it’s clear that having a healthy, beautiful smile is important to you. The trouble is that traditional braces make dental hygiene a bit trickier than usual. To help ensure your teeth don’t succumb to cavities while you’re straightening your smile, follow these tips to care for your braces. 

    Brush with Care 

    Food particles and plaque tend to accumulate under and around the brackets and wires of your braces. With the following brushing techniques, you can sweep away debris to help keep your mouth clean and cavity-free: 

    • Remove elastics, bands, and any other removable parts of your braces. 
    • Clean around the wires and brackets with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Start by holding your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle from the gum line. Then, tilt the bristles as needed to sweep away even the most stubborn particles. 
    • Brush for two minutes twice a day. Aim to spend 30 seconds in each quadrant of your mouth. 
    • Rinse with tap water, and examine your teeth and braces in the mirror. Check for any lingering food particles that require a little more attention. 
    • If you don’t feel like your manual toothbrush is doing a thorough enough job, consider investing in an electric toothbrush. Look for one with a round head and V-shaped bristles designed for use with braces. 

    Remember to Floss 

    Flossing once a day is important for everyone, including people with braces. Unfortunately, the wires make it difficult to floss between your teeth along the gum line. 

    One solution is to use a floss threader. This makes it easier to feed the floss under each wire. We also recommend using waxed floss, which is less likely to get caught and shredded up in your braces. You can also use self-threading floss, which features a stiffened tip that speeds up the process of flossing with braces or permanent retainers. 

    No matter which method you use, thread the floss carefully under the main wire of your braces before passing it through your teeth. Be careful not to snap the floss—simply move it up and down slowly against each side of the tooth. Then, remove the floss and re-thread it through the next wire. Repeat this process until you have flossed between all your teeth. 

    Schedule Follow-Up Appointments 

    Visit your orthodontist for routine checkups and adjustments to your braces. This is what allows your teeth to continue shifting into the ideal position. Also, keep up with regular cleanings and oral exams with your regular dentist to keep your mouth healthy and catch cavities early. You may also receive more useful tips for brushing and flossing with braces. 

    Traditional braces aren’t right for everyone. If you’re interested in finding out what Invisalign has to offer, please contact Park 56 Dental in NYC at (212) 826-2322. We’ll help you get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted without metal braces! 

  • Answers to Common Questions About Invisalign

    If you want to straighten your teeth, you will be pleased to learn that there’s an alternative to brackets and wires called Invisalign. This treatment uses a series of virtually invisible aligners to gradually shift your teeth into the desired position. Learn more about Invisalign to see if this is the solution you’ve been looking for. 

    How does Invisalign work? 

    Invisalign aligners are made using 3D computer imaging technology. You wear each upper and lower aligner for about two weeks, removing them only to eat, drink, brush, and floss. Each new set of aligners shifts your teeth ever so slightly until, by the end of your treatment, they have moved into their final straight position. Most patients need between 18 and 30 aligners for a total treatment time of nine to 15 months. 

    How much does Invisalign cost? 

    In most cases, the cost of Invisalign is comparable to traditional braces. The total cost depends on your insurance coverage and the complexity of your case. Many dentists offer flexible financing options to help make your dream of having straight teeth a reality. You can also use money from a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for Invisalign with tax-free dollars. 

    Why should I put my confidence in Invisalign? 

    Since Invisalign was first invented in 1997, over six million people worldwide have used this technology to straighten their teeth. Advancements to the Invisalign system, including the introduction of the patented SmartTrack material, allow treatment times to be up to 50 percent faster than other clear aligner treatments. SmartTrack is made from medical-grade, high molecular weight, thermoplastic polymers that are BPA-free and FDA-approved 

    How will Invisalign affect my life and appearance? 

    Because the aligners are virtually invisible, most people won’t even notice you’re undergoing treatment—that is, until you reveal your new smile in a few months! Until then, you’ll enjoy the freedom of removing your aligners at suitable times. This allows you to eat and drink whatever you want, brush and floss like normal, chew gum, play woodwind instruments without added difficulty, and smile with complete confidence at weddings, in photos, or during job interviews. Just remember to wear your aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours a day to avoid delays in your treatment. 

    How do I clean my aligners? 

    The Invisalign Cleaning System is the best option for keeping your aligners clean. You can order this online or from your dentist. An alternative is to brush your aligners with a toothbrush and toothpaste. You will also need to brush your teeth after every meal before putting your Invisalign back in. Otherwise, your teeth could become stained by residual food trapped under the aligners. 

    If you still have questions about Invisalign, Park 56 Dental in NYC can answer them for you. We are a Certified Invisalign Provider with years of experience fitting our patients with this advanced tooth-straightening product. To schedule an Invisalign consultation in New York, please contact us today at (212) 826-2322. 

  • Everything You Need to Know About Invisalign Buttons

    For years now, Invisalign has been the preferred choice for adolescents and adults of all ages who want to straighten their crooked teeth. This system of clear plastic aligners is an effective way to correct many types and degrees of malocclusion. Since the aligners are made of smooth plastic, they’re much more comfortable than conventional braces. Many people also prefer Invisalign because it’s a discreet treatment choice, regardless of whether or not buttons are necessary.

    Understanding Invisalign Buttons

    Invisalign buttons, also called Invisalign attachments, are tiny dots of dental bonding material affixed to the teeth. They’re made of the same composite resin material that your cosmetic dentist uses to fill in cavities and repair minor chips. Since the resin is tooth-colored, it’s virtually invisible. It’s important to note that buttons aren’t necessary for every Invisalign patient. Your dentist will develop a customized treatment plan designed to give you the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.

    Figuring Out Whether You Need Buttons

    Your dentist can determine whether you’ll need Invisalign attachments when you have your consultation. The purpose of the buttons is to increase the effectiveness of the aligners. Essentially, they act like an anchor to grip the aligner. In doing so, the buttons help to strategically apply the gentle force needed to shift the teeth. Throughout the years that Invisalign has been on the market, its makers have realized that some cases of malocclusion are too complex to be adequately corrected by aligners alone. By introducing Invisalign attachments, they’ve opened the door to Invisalign for dental patients with complex malocclusions who otherwise would be forced to try conventional metal braces. Thanks to these clever and unobtrusive buttons, you won’t have to deal with unsightly metal brackets and wires, even if your teeth prove stubborn to move.

    As a certified Invisalign provider, Park 56 Dental is a top choice among residents of NYC who are interested in Invisalign. Call our comfortable dental clinic at (646) 783-3529 to request our next available appointment. You deserve a beautiful, straight smile you can be proud of!

  • Is Invisalign Right for Your Smile?

    If you have ever considered taking steps to achieve a straighter smile, you have likely compared traditional metal braces to Invisalign . When making the decision, you are not only basing your choice on how your smile will look, but also your lifestyle. Invisalign offers a better choice for some when it comes to corrective dentistry. Read on to learn more about whether or not Invisalign might be right for you.

    Appearance Best Dentist in NYC

    Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign works through a series of custom fit plastic trays that slowly move your teeth over time. Since they are made of a clear plastic material, Invisalign is virtually invisible . Metal braces have brackets that are affixed to the front of your teeth and are visible from the time they are put on until they are taken off. Invisalign blends in so well, no one will be able to tell you are wearing them. If appearance is a concern for you when making your decision, Invisalign may be the better choice.

    Life Style

    Since Invisalign works by wearing aligner trays, they can be removed. This means with Invisalign, you don’t have to make any changes to your daily routine of brushing and flossing. You can maintain your oral health care regimen; all you have to do is remove your trays. Additionally, you don’t need to make any adjustments to your diet. With braces, there are certain foods that need to be avoided. Invisalign trays can be removed at mealtime, meaning fewer restrictions. With Invisalign, you don’t have to make big changes to your everyday life.

    Dental Needs

    A big factor in determining if Invisalign is right for you is what kind of dental correction you need. Invisalign works best for individuals who are looking to achieve a straighter smile. If you can get your desired results by making easily predictable movements, Invisalign is the solution for you.

    When you are ready to talk to your dentist about Invisalign in NYC , look no further than Park 56 Dental. To schedule a consultation, call (646) 783-3529.

  • Comparing Invisalign to Traditional Metal Braces

    If you have ever looked in the mirror and wished you had straighter teeth, you may have considered the prospect of braces. When you work with the top dentists in NYC, however, Invisalign is an option as well. Keep reading if you are interested in comparing Invisalign to traditional metal braces.


    Although traditional metal braces have been effective in repositioning and correctly aligning teeth, they have not been known to do so in a particularly discreet fashion. Today’s braces have come a long way in terms of cosmetic appeal, but Invisalign is still the clear choice when it comes to discreetly realigning your teeth.

    Top Dentist NYC

    The Invisalign treatment method includes the use of aligners, which are clear plastic trays that guide your teeth into position. In stark contrast to traditional metal braces, these trays are virtually invisible. This advantage makes Invisalign a perfect choice for working professionals.


    Traditional metal braces are a commitment, and this turns some people off. While Invisalign is also a commitment, you have the freedom and flexibility to take your aligners out whenever you want. This means that you do not have to restrict your diet to foods that won’t get caught in your braces, and you won’t have to worry about your meal damaging your orthodontics. You can take your aligners out for an hour or two each day without worrying about your progress being undone.

    Dental Hygiene

    Since Invisalign aligners are removable, they allow you to care for your teeth the way you normally would. Rather than navigating through a maze of braces and wires, you can brush and floss your teeth with ease. If you want to keep up with your dental hygiene as best as you can during treatment, Invisalign offers the advantage.

    For a more detailed comparison of Invisalign and traditional metal braces, contact Park 56 Dental or visit our website. In addition to Invisalign in NYC, our team specializes in dental fillings and teeth cleaning. Feel free to call some of the top dentists in NYC at (646) 783-3529 or stop by our offices to meet with us today.

  • Make Invisalign Treatment Even Easier with AlignerMeter!

    Invisalign is safe, effective, and convenient, and it just got easier. Find out how you can make Invisalign treatment even easier with AlignerMeter.

    If you have ever wondered if Invisalign is right for your needs, you are not alone. Fortunately you can use the AlignerMeter app to find out. All you need to do is photograph or record a video of your teeth to be submitted to a board certified orthodontist. You can then find out if you are a candidate in as little as 24 hours.

    Park 56 Dental is proud to consist of some of the best dentists in NYC. From Invisalign to emergency dental care, we are happy to help you keep your oral health in top shape. You can learn much more about our services by visiting our website or calling us at (646) 783-3529. If you live in the area, stop by and meet us today.

    AlignerMeter! By Great Smiles LLC

  • The Invisalign Advantage

    Crooked, overcrowded, or misaligned teeth can be unattractive and can also lead to long-term dental health problems. An increasing number of adults have been choosing orthodontic treatments to straighten their teeth. In the past, the use of metal braces was the main choice available. The development of Invisalign technology has provided patients with a much easier and more convenient treatment option. A dentist specializing in smile restoration in NYC can help you decide whether Invisalign is right for you.

    Simple and Effective invisalign nyc
    Invisalign treatment uses clear plastic trays, or aligners, which gradually reposition your teeth . The aligners are tailored to fit your teeth using computer-assisted design technology. Each aligner is worn for a period of around two weeks. The total treatment time is between nine and 15 weeks. Patients can remove the aligners to eat, drink, brush, and floss.

    Comfortable and Discreet
    Since Invisalign aligners are made from a transparent plastic material, they are extremely inconspicuous. You will not have a mouth full of metal. In fact, you may find that no one can tell that you are wearing them. The aligners are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

    Hygienic and User-Friendly
    Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners can and should be removed when you eat or drink. This means that there is no danger of food getting caught inside wires or brackets, which can lead to tooth decay. With traditional braces, you need to avoid certain hard foods, such as popcorn or hard candies. Invisalign allows you the freedom to eat an unrestricted variety of foods. It is also easier to maintain good dental hygiene when using Invisalign since you remove the trays to brush and floss. With traditional braces, it can be awkward and difficult to clean around the metal hardware.

    Park 56 Dental is a top dentist in NYC and an experienced provider of Invisalign treatments. To discover more about Invisalign, visit our website or call our dentist office at (646) 679-3998. Let us help you create a more beautiful smile .

  • Ways to Improve Your Smile This Year [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile full of healthy, white teeth, but it can take the help of a cosmetic dentist to achieve this. Whether you have chipped teeth, discolored teeth, crooked teeth, or missing teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help you improve your smile. Dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth, providing a stable and attractive alternative to removable dentures. Veneers can help you with a variety of dental issues, including chips, gaps, discoloration, and even minor misalignment. If your teeth are crooked, your dentist may recommend Invisalign, which is a comfortable and discreet way to straighten your teeth for better dental health and an improved aesthetic appearance. Check out this infographic from Park 56 Dental, a top dentist in New York City , to see how you can improve your smile and your oral health this year. Please feel free to share with your friends and family!

    Invisalign NYC