• Your Dental Sedation Options

    Thousands of Americans avoid going to the dentist because of fear or anxiety. If your fear of the dentist keeps you from getting regular checkups, dental sedation could help. With a wide range of sedation options , your dentist can help you get over these issues and receive the oral care that you need to maintain a beautiful smile:

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    Mild Sedation
    Mild sedation, or anxiolysis is usually reserved for patients who have a small level of anxiety about dental work and those who are undergoing longer procedures. The dentist administers the sedative orally, and although you stay awake throughout the procedure, you can breathe on your own and enjoy a feeling of great relaxation. Within a few hours, you will be back to your normal level of alertness.

    Moderate Sedation
    This secondary form of conscious sedation is used for  people with slightly stronger dental anxieties  or those who are receiving complex procedures. The sedative is administered through an IV and lets you stay awake but relaxed throughout the duration of the procedure. If you are going to get moderate sedation, you should ask a friend or family member to come to your appointment and drive you home when it is over.

    Deep Sedation
    The strongest option, or deep sedation, has patients alternating between consciousness and unconsciousness without retaining any memory of the procedure. If you have strong dental anxiety or are receiving a long and complex procedure, this might be the right sedation option for you. If you are going to be receiving deep sedation, it is imperative to bring someone with you who can ensure that you get home safely.

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  • Hear These Invisalign Stories

    Invisalign offers an effective way to straighten teeth and create a beautiful smile. With new aligners every two weeks , you quickly start to see huge changes. Invisalign can be removed, which helps you eat and perform daily oral hygiene without issue. Check out this video to see how these two friends describe their positive Invisalign experiences.

    Come to Park 56 Dental to start your own Invisalign journey toward straighter teeth. We are one of the top  cosmetic dental  office in New York City and work hard to give you the services that you need. To learn more about our services, visit our website or call (646) 783-3529.

  • Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

    In the past few decades, new advancements in dental technology have made it easier than ever to get a winning smile. Dental implants , which are replacement teeth made out of metal and porcelain, provide a natural aesthetic that looks like your real smile. If you can identify with the following, you are a good candidate for implants:


    Those Who Are Missing Teeth
    It is really important to replace missing teeth. If your mouth is missing a few teeth, the simple act of eating can eventually shift your bite and cause you pain. This can even move your mouth out of alignment and prematurely age your face. The titanium body of a dental implant keeps the rest of your teeth from shifting while creating the perfect foundation for the replacement tooth.

    Those Who Want a Natural-Looking Smile
    Dental implants provide a longer-lasting and more natural appearance than traditional dentures. With the proper care and regular trips to the  cosmetic dentist , dental implants can last for the rest of your life. Everyone will think you have a mouth full of your own teeth.

    Those with Medical Conditions
    Many people might shy away from the idea of dental implants because they have an existing medical condition like high blood pressure or diabetes. Dental implants are a great treatment option for anyone who has the medical clearance to have any dental work done, however. Talk to your dentist about dental implants and whether or not they are the right solution for your needs.

    At  Park 56 Dental , we want you to be proud of your smile. With our implants and wide variety of dental services, we help you achieve teeth of which you can be proud. Visit our website or call (646) 783-3529 today to learn more about why we are considered the best dental office in New York City.

  • How Drinking Soda Can Damages Your Teeth

    The foods and beverages you consume can make a big impact on your smile, and certain beverages are notorious for causing tooth decay and yellowing of the enamel . Soda is one of the worst offenders; it not only has a hefty dose of decay-promoting sugar, but it is also highly acidic. Acid can quickly erode tooth enamel, exposing the more delicate dentin layer underneath. Even diet soda is acidic, so it is not a much better choice than regular varieties. Many sodas are also darkly colored and stain the teeth easily. Water is the best alternative to soda, but you can reduce the damage of enjoying the occasional soda by drinking it through a straw.


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