• A Look at Accelerated Invisalign

    Crooked or crowded teeth can significantly decrease the aesthetic appeal of your smile. If you want to get straighter teeth but do not want to wait to get them, Accelerated Invisalign could be the ideal treatment option for you. Keep reading to find out how this straightening procedure can help you get your ideal smile:

    The Same Treatment in Less Time
    Patients must wear traditional Invisalign aligners for a majority of the day in order to enjoy their straightening results. Accelerated Invisalign gives you the same kind of treatment in just twenty minutes a day. These specialty aligners send micro vibrations that shift the bone and the teeth back into their proper location . This means that the aligners work in an even shorter amount of time without sacrificing your results. Accelerated Invisalign can get you straighter teeth without interrupting your life.

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    Safe Treatment Period
    Accelerated Invisalign is a safe way of correcting orthodontic issues and improving the look and feel of a bite. It is an FDA-approved teeth-straightening option that has been used successfully since 2009. If your orthodontist decides that this treatment can correct your issues, you can feel confident that it will shift your teeth into place without causing any other issues in your mouth.

    Comfortable Orthodontic Treatment
    The invention of traditional Invisalign aligners gave patients a way to enjoy a less painful orthodontic treatment than metal braces. Accelerated Invisalign makes the teeth straightening process even more comfortable than ever. The micropulse sends 8x less force to the mouth than an electric toothbrush, which means you will not even feel it as it adjust your teeth into place.

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  • How Tobacco Affects Your Oral Health

    Using tobacco products can negatively affect your oral health. Not only do they stain your teeth, but they also cause bad breath.

    Smoking or using chewing tobacco can also lead to gingivitis, which is the first stage of periodontal disease. It can also cause leukoplakia, which are whitish, thick patches on the gums, the tongue, and the cheek. Prolonged use might also cause oral cancer. Learn more in this video.

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  • What Is AcceleDent?

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    The top cosmetic dentists have offer services that give you the results you want. If you are self-conscious about the condition of your teeth, AcceleDent helps you get the smile you want in less time than other treatments. Keep reading to learn more about AcceleDent and how it works.

    This treatment uses small micropulses to move the bone and teeth into the correct position. In a U.S. clinical trial, AcceleDent managed to move teeth into their correct position in half the time of other treatments. With a prescription from your orthodontist, this FDA-approved teeth-straightening procedure can help you get a smile of which you can be proud.

    Park 56 Dental is here to give you access to the general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services that you need. Whether you want to learn more about AcceleDent or talk to our top cosmetic dentists about porcelain veneers, our staff is dedicated to giving you the results you want. To learn more about our office, visit us online or call (212) 826-2322.