• What Is a Sinus Toothache?

    Toothaches are extremely painful and can make it difficult to focus on your everyday tasks. What you may not realize is that toothache pain is not always caused by your tooth. In some cases, when you visit your dentist about tooth pain, he or she may refer you to your doctor instead because your sinuses are causing your toothache. 

    Watch this video to learn more about sinus-related toothaches. Sinus infections can cause referred pain that seems like a toothache but can actually be relieved by treating the infection instead of focusing on dental treatments.  

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  • Can Nervous Habits Affect Your Smile?

    Some people bite their fingernails. Others grind their teeth, clench their jaws, and gnaw on the insides of their cheeks. All of these nervous habits can indeed affect your smile. Talk to your dentist about any lifestyle issues that could affect your oral health. If you can’t kick the habit, you may find yourself calling for emergency dental care because of broken crowns or chipped teeth.

    Watch this video to hear a dentist explain how nervous habits can damage oral health. Gnawing on your cheeks can cause canker sores. Nail biting, teeth grinding, and jaw clenching can all damage the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), potentially leading to TMJ disorder.

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  • Getting the Facts About Wisdom Teeth

    Over the course of your lifetime, your mouth goes through several changes. At one point, your wisdom teeth make an appearance. These teeth are the third molars that come in at the back of your mouth, but dentists sometimes end up removing them. Watch this video to learn more about wisdom teeth.

    When they come in properly and with enough space, wisdom teeth can be helpful for chewing. However, if your dentist tells you that your wisdom teeth are impacted, it means that they are stuck beneath the gum line or in your jaw. Problematic wisdom teeth can cause issues for your mouth, and your dentist may advise their removal.

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  • Preparing for a Dental Appointment

    After scheduling a dentist appointment with one of the best dentists in New York, you may be wondering how to prepare for your visit. Knowing what to expect can make you more relaxed and help prepare you for your checkup. Watch this video to learn more.

    First, your dentist or hygienist will ask you about your recent medical history, and will then examine your mouth to evaluate the health of your teeth and gums. Your dentist may want to take X-rays to get a look at the interior structure of your teeth. Next, your dentist or hygienist will clean and polish your teeth.

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  • What’s In Your Toothpaste?

    The top dentist in NYC recommends brushing your teeth at least twice per day. Make sure to also schedule a professional teeth cleaning bi-annually to keep your teeth and gums healthy and beautiful.

    Toothpaste is essential for taking care of the teeth and gums. When you brush, be sure to select a toothpaste that is high in fluoride. Fluoride helps strengthen tooth enamel and fight decay. You can also find other active ingredients depending on your needs. Potassium nitrate is recommended by the top dentist in NYC for patients with sensitivity to hot and cold. Pyrophosphates help reduce plaque build-up and wards off cavities.

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  • How Dental X-Rays Are Used

    X-rays can enable dentists to detect decay or damage which may not be easily visible to the naked eye. They can reveal cavities concealed by fillings or hidden in the gaps between teeth. Bone disease, periodontitis, abscesses, cysts, and tumors can also show up on X-rays. Watch this video to find out more about the importance of X-rays as a diagnostic tool.

    The video emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis to help prevent long-term dental problems. It explains that X-rays involve the use of a small dose of localized radiation. It shows that a lead collar may be used to further minimize radiation exposure for vulnerable patients such as children and pre-menopausal women. The number of X-rays needed will vary from patient to patient.

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  • Detecting Oral Cancer

    Preventative dental care with a top dentist in NYC is crucial to early detection of dangerous diseases, such as oral cancer. For an oral cancer screening, make a dentist appointment with a dentist office near you as soon as possible.

    Watch this video to learn more about how dentists can detect oral cancer. In this video from the American Dental Association, you’ll be able to watch a dentist perform an oral cancer screening on a patient.

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  • The Importance of Visiting the Dentist

    Regular visits to the dentist are extremely important to safeguard your dental health. Patients of all ages should have regular check-ups, even if they are not experiencing pain or discomfort. You can make an appointment with a dental clinic near NYC for a full dental check-up. Watch this video to find out more about the importance of regular dental visits.

    The video shows how professional teeth cleaning can help prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar. It also discusses a variety of diseases which dentists can detect in their early stages. Early detection enables dental health issues to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. This can help prevent long-term damage to teeth and gums.

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  • How Smokeless Tobacco Affects You

    The chemicals used to make smokeless tobacco are very dangerous for your oral health. Smokeless tobacco gives you bad breath, stains your teeth, and significantly increases your risk for periodontal disease.

    These chemicals might also give you leukoplakia, which causes white spots in the mouth. Prolonged use can also increase your risk for oral cancer. Check out this video to learn more about the risks associated with smokeless tobacco.

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