Foods and Drinks that Erode Teeth

You try to stick to a healthy diet, avoiding sugary sodas and sticky candies that can damage your teeth. However, sometimes even healthy foods can cause tooth erosion. It pays to be mindful of the signs of eroded tooth enamel and avoid foods that can negatively impact the health of your teeth.

First, what are the symptoms of tooth enamel erosion? You might notice that your teeth feel sensitive when you eat or drink something hot or cold. You might also notice that your fillings or even your teeth have changed color. If your enamel erodes to an extreme degree, you might lose a tooth or develop an abscess. So, what foods should you avoid to prevent these problems?

  • Citrus Fruit: The high acid content in citrus can damage your teeth. In fact, even things with citrus flavoring can wear down your enamel.
  • Tomatoes: Tomatoes are good for your body, but they can be rough on your teeth. This is because they’re acidic. If you eat tomato sauce on pasta, you’re doing your teeth a double disservice, because the tomatoes break down your enamel and the carbs in pasta feed cavity-causing bacteria.
  • Dried Fruits: Even though it’s nutrient-dense, dried fruit can damage your teeth. It’s sticky, and has sugar, so if you don’t immediately get all that sticky fruit off of your teeth, the sugar will erode your enamel.
  • Carbonated Beverages: Even when they’re sugar free, soft drinks have carbonation that can wear away your enamel. You’re better off with unsweetened tea or water, but if you do drink soft drinks, don’t brush immediately. You might think that cleaning the soda off of your teeth immediately is a good idea, but brushing after your enamel has been weakened by carbonation can erode it further.
  • Pickles: Because of the acid required for the pickling process, pickles can cause staining and tooth erosion. Some pickles also have sugar, which makes them even more likely to cause cavities.
  • Wine: Both white and red wine have enamel-softening acid, but red wine also contains compounds called tannins that can dry your mouth and stain your teeth.
  • Sports Drinks: These beverages are high-carb, sugary, acidic, and thick enough to stick to your teeth.
  • Crackers: Because they’re refined carbohydrates, crackers can cause inflammation in the body. Crackers also stick to your teeth, which can promote tooth decay.
  • Sugar: Of course, you’ve known since childhood that sugar causes cavities. It’s important to note, however, that sugar isn’t only found in sweet treats, but also in processed foods.

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