The Benefits of Invisalign for Your Teen

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Has your teen’s dentist informed you that he or she needs braces? For years, uncomfortable metal braces were the only option for straightening a crooked smile. But now there are better options available at your dentist office, including Invisalign Teen . Speak with a certified Invisalign Teen dentist to discuss whether this discreet, comfortable option is right for your child.

Social Life

The teen years can be an awkward time, during which kids become increasingly self-conscious and concerned about their social status. Teens who endure orthodontic treatment with metal braces may feel embarrassed when smiling for a camera or hanging out with their friends. But with Invisalign Teen, there’s no need for your teen to feel socially awkward. Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, giving your teen a much-needed boost of self-confidence.

Conventional metal braces can interfere with an adolescent’s ability to play sports safely or play a woodwind instrument in band. Invisalign aligners are removable, which means your teen can easily pop them out before an important concert. And because they are made of smooth plastic, there aren’t any wires or other components that can irritate the soft tissues of the mouth when your teen is playing sports.

Teens often have a hard time complying with the dietary restrictions that are necessary with metal braces. These restrictions can also compromise a teen’s ability to get all the nutrients he or she needs. With Invisalign Teen, your child can simply remove the aligners before a meal , letting him or her easily crunch into an apple, chew walnuts or almonds, and enjoy all other foods without restrictions.

Oral Health
Even the most conscientious of adolescents will have problems maintaining good oral hygiene while undergoing treatment with metal braces. With this type of orthodontic treatment, the risk of cavities and gum disease increases substantially. But with Invisalign aligners, your teen can clean between teeth with ease.

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