Meet Dr. Howard J. Spielman


Dental wellness requires a lifelong commitment. If you want to enjoy a bright and healthy smile well into your senior years, Dr. Howard J. Spielman can help you achieve that goal. Dr. Spielman concentrates on long-term oral health practices that can help his patients preserve their natural teeth even into older age. In fact, this dedication to enduring dental wellness is what motivates Dr. Spielman to treat and educate his patients with the best dental practices available. This commitment to helping patients achieve optimal dental health throughout adulthood is far from the only trait that makes Dr. Spielman one of NYC’s top dentists. He also makes it a priority to put patients at ease when they come to his office. By making his patients feel like a part of the family at Park 56 Dental, Dr. Spielman has cultivated long-lasting relationships that thrive on compassion and respect.

Would you like to become Dr. Spielman’s newest patient? To schedule an initial consultation with him, call Park 56 Dental at (212) 826-2322. For more information on the services that Dr. Spielman offers to the residents of NYC, please visit our website.