Understanding the Truth About Root Canals

Surface tooth decay typically produces no pain, which is why so many people realize they have cavities only when decay reaches the interior of their teeth. Once bacteria reach the blood vessels and nerves housed in the teeth, the destruction of these tissues can cause considerable discomfort and widespread infection. That is why top dentists turn to root canal therapy to alleviate patient pain and save damaged teeth. The following information highlights the truth of why root canals are so instrumental in restorative dentistry. 

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Root canals stop infections.

The immune system typically cannot eliminate a tooth infection on its own. As a result, the accumulation of bacteria will continue to build until it damages the infected tooth and the gum tissues and bone that surround it. Some studies also indicate that infections that begin in the mouth may be able to reach the body’s vascular system and cause greater harm to its blood vessels. A root canal can remove the infection inside the tooth so that the pressure of it can no longer deteriorate nearby tissues and spread to other regions.

Root canals prevent tooth extractions.

Untreated tooth decay can eventually leave a tooth so damaged that it can no longer remain stable in the gums and bone that support it. Once tooth loss occurs, the teeth in vicinity of the open socket may also suffer from stability issues. The lifelong use of dentures, bridges, and dental implants may be the only way to avoid additional tooth loss. Instead of suffering through the discomfort and financial cost of tooth loss and subsequent restoration methods, patients can undergo a root canal in one dental visit.

Root canals eliminate pain.

Dentists can make root canal therapy a comfortable procedure for all patients regardless of their pain thresholds or dental anxieties. Topical solutions, injectable medications, and sedation dentistry techniques can put patients at ease, making the root canal process a positive experience for all who undergo it. Individuals requiring this form of treatment may want to consult with their dentist to ensure that they receive the pain relief measures best suited to their needs.

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