Taking a Closer Look at Dental Anxiety

Many people never go to the dentist because they are nervous about having dental work done. Unfortunately, ignoring oral health issues will only make them worse. Gingivitis is easily reversed, for example, but advanced periodontal disease requires far more intensive treatment. If you’ve been delaying an appointment because of your nerves, it’s time to talk with your dentist about sedation dentistry.

This video introduces the concept of sedation dentistry. Patients can use a sedative, such as laughing gas or an oral medication, to help them feel better about sitting in the dentist’s chair. While sedated, time will seem to pass more quickly and few to no memories of the experience will be retained.

With sedation dentistry available in NYC, there’s no reason to be nervous about your upcoming dentist appointment. Just call Park 56 Dental at (646) 783-3529.