Here’s Why Our Patients Trust Us for Sedation Dentistry

Park 56 Dental has long been known for our enduring commitment to patient safety. It’s why so many New Yorkers trust our sedation dentistry team. Our dentists are certified and licensed to administer intravenous (IV) sedation. This means we’ve undergone intensive training and examination by the state Board of Dental Examiners.

This is significant because, in the hands of an untrained, uncertified dentist, IV sedation can be risky. All administering clinicians must have a keen understanding of the actions, dosage, and side effects of sedatives, as well as their appropriate antidotes. Patients receiving sedation dentistry must also be closely monitored by a competent clinician. At Park 56 Dental, our patients’ safety and well-being are our highest priorities, which is why only certified and licensed practitioners administer IV sedation in our practice.

If you’re curious about sedation dentistry and live in NYC, give us a call today at (646) 783-3529. Park 56 Dental works with most insurance plans and offers flexible payment arrangements.