Reasons to Consider AcceleDent

Many people avoid obtaining a beautiful, straight smile simply because of the time investment. Invisalign has revolutionized the world of dentistry and orthodontics because it offers more flexibility and discreetness during that treatment time, but there’s no getting around the fact that repositioning teeth doesn’t happen overnight. However, modern technology, beautiful thing that it is, has produced a method of significantly accelerating tooth movement, leading to more comfortable and shorter treatment times. It’s called AcceleDent .

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  What is AcceleDent?
AcceleDent is a truly innovative device that delivers safe and gentle micropulses to the treatment area, stimulating bone tissue and encouraging easier, quicker tooth movement. It is designed to be used in conjunction with virtually any type of orthodontic treatment, and can be used directly over braces or Invisalign trays.

Why Use AcceleDent?
The best cosmetic dentists and their patients are absolutely raving about the benefits of AcceleDent. The device has been shown to reduce overall treatment durations by an average of 50 percent. The most impressive period is the initial stage of treatment, where accelerated tooth movement by up to 106 percent has been seen. You literally get to see the first part of your transformation occurring before your eyes, which can be incredibly motivating to stick with your treatment. Some patients have even claimed to be able to feel their teeth moving—it’s that effective! 

AcceleDent has also been reported by some patients to minimize or eliminate any soreness that accompanies the shifting of teeth. It only requires 20 minutes per day of continuous use, which could easily be accomplished while reading a book, studying, or relaxing with your favorite TV show. AcceleDent has been proven to be a safe method of accelerating tooth movement and is FDA approved as a Class II single use medical device.

At Park 56 Dental , we are excited and proud to offer AccleDent to our patients in conjunction with their Invisalign treatment. Contact us today and discover the benefits of choosing one of NYCs top dentists, and the number one provider of AcceleDent in the nation, for your treatment. Call (212) 826-2322 now for a free consultation.