Adjusting to Life With Invisalign

If you’re considering Invisalign to straighten your smile, or you’ve already spoken with a top dentist and found out that you’re a good candidate, you might be wondering what life will be like once your treatment begins. The good news for you is that adjusting to life with Invisalign doesn’t take very much effort at all. In fact, after the initial couple of days of getting used to the new feeling, you probably won’t even think about your trays until it’s time to eat or brush!

Portrait of A Beautifully Healthy Smiling Young Blond Woman

Oral Hygiene Adjustments
With traditional orthodontic options, major adjustments must be made to the oral hygiene routine in order to ensure adequate cleaning and healthy teeth. This simply isn’t true of Invisalign. The only thing you’ll have to add to your routine is a quick cleaning of your trays—less than two minutes every day. The way you brush and floss remains the same since you can literally remove your orthodontic treatment as needed and then pop it back in after!

Mealtime Adjustments
Once of the biggest inconveniences of traditional braces is the restriction on various types of food. Certain foods, such as hard or crunchy items, sticky foods like caramel, and even popcorn, can damage the hardware and make hygiene that much more difficult. With Invisalign , there are no food restrictions. None! Just transfer your trays to their case during meals and return them to your mouth when you’re done.

Lifestyle Adjustments
People who enjoy contact sports and an active lifestyle often have trouble coping with braces because of the increased risk of injury from the metal brackets or the risk of damaging the appliances themselves. This is a non-issue for Invisalign wearers. You can remove your trays to wear a mouthguard if needed, and you won’t risk doing damage to the soft tissues in your mouth.

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