Understanding the Root Canal Procedure

Inside every tooth is some pulp that houses the nerve, which allows you to feel different sensations and temperatures on your teeth. If decay or infection reaches the pulp, it causes intense pain. Without the proper treatment, this can lead to an abscess that might eventually affect the jaw and the rest of your health. Root canal therapy can get rid of the damaged or infected pulp and save the tooth. Keep reading to learn more about the procedure:

Cleaning Out the Tooth
When you first visit the dentist’s office, he or she will take an X-ray to see if the infection has reached the surrounding bone. If it has not and the dentist decides to go ahead with the root canal, he or she will start the procedure by cleaning out the tooth. The dentist drills a small hole into the tooth. He or she then removes the damaged pulp, any existing bacteria, and other debris from the center of the tooth.

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Sealing the Tooth
Once all of the pulp and bacteria are removed from the tooth , the dentist can temporarily seal it to prevent any further decay from developing inside. This ensures that the tooth is safe from contaminants while you wait for your permanent filling or crown.

Placing a Crown
If there is significant damage to the tooth, the dentist might want to add a permanent crown to prevent any further damage. This crown gives you back the aesthetic appeal and the function of your natural tooth so you do not have deal with a weakened tooth. As long as you properly care for it, the crown will be a comfortable and durable addition to your mouth.

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