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Great dental health is one of the most important facets of excellent overall health. Explore the following links for information on dental care tips and treatments that will help you get a gorgeous smile. For help maintaining good oral health, and for cosmetic dentistry treatments that will have you smiling widely, contact Park 56 Dental . Our caring team of top NYC dentists is committed to keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. Call us today at (212) 826-2322 to book a consultation.

  • This comparison chart from the Invisalign website shows the advantages of Invisalign over traditional braces.
  • If you are missing teeth, dental implants could be the key to restoring your naturally beautiful smile. The American Dental Association offers further information on this restoration option.
  • If you have anxiety about dental trips, find out how sedation dentistry offered by Park 56 Dental Group can make your exams comfortable by reading this WebMD article.
  • This factsheet from Colgate will teach you how to brush your teeth properly.
  • These tips from the Mayo Clinic will help you develop a strong dental care routine .