Preserve Your Teeth Whitening Results by Avoiding These Foods

When you go to the top dentist in NYC to have your teeth whitened, you’ll probably end up loving the results. However, you need to stay away from certain food products if you want to keep your teeth nice and white. Continue reading and preserve your teeth whitening results by avoiding these foods.

Coffee, Tea, and Wine

Although coffee, tea, and wine are beverages and not food, they’re still some of the most important beverages to stay away from if you want to maintain your teeth whitening results . All three of these drinks can leave their marks on your teeth, and they’ll make an even bigger mark if you’ve just had your teeth whitened. If you need your coffee or tea to get yourself started in the morning or your wine to help you wind down after work, consider using a straw or finding another way to reduce contact between the drink and your tooth enamel.


Even though berries have antioxidants and are good for you in general, they can quickly stain your teeth. Just like coffee, tea, and wine, berries have nutritional value and positive impacts on your health, but too much exposure can tarnish your smile. You don’t have to cut berries out of your diet, but be careful with the way you consume them.

Sweet Snacks

Sweet, sugary snacks can do a number on your tooth enamel. Sugar is one of the biggest enemies of tooth enamel, and snacking in between meals in general can be bad for your oral health. If you’re going to indulge and eat sweet snacks in between meals, make sure you wash them down with some water. Leaving sugary residues in your mouth is bad news for your teeth and your oral health, so drink water as you snack and brush your teeth afterwards.

Teeth cleaning can brighten up your teeth, but you’ll have to come back to your dentist in NYC if you eat the wrong foods. Park 56 Dental offers cosmetic and emergency dental care, so call our offices at (646) 783-3529 or read through our website for more information.