Comparing Deep and Moderate Sedation

Some people get nervous thinking about visiting the dental clinic, even when they have the best dentists in NYC to take care of them. Sedation dentistry helps people with dental anxiety stay comfortable when they go in for checkups, but there are different types of sedation. Read on for a comparison between deep and moderate sedation.

If you only have mild anxiety or you’re getting ready for a longer procedure, then mild sedation might be all you need. Moderate sedation is the next level up, and it’s helpful for those whose anxiety is more significant. Like mild sedation, it’s also used for long or complicated procedures. This type of sedation brings on a state of deep relaxation, but you’ll be awake the whole time. With deep sedation, you may drift in and out of consciousness and might not remember the experience. You’ll need someone to bring you home after moderate or deep sedation.

Sedation dentistry near NYC can make it easier for people with severe anxiety to take care of their teeth and gums, and it’s a service we’re proud to offer at Park 56 Dental. Call (646) 783-3529 and work with some of the best dentists in NYC to improve your health.