Invisalign Lets Your Kid Be a Kid

Dentists often recommend Invisalign treatment for teens as well as adults. It’s an effective, convenient way to straighten your teen’s teeth, and give him or her a smile to be proud of. Since the aligners are clear and practically invisible, your teen can continue to socialize with confidence during the time in his or her life that is typically characterized by self-consciousness. Visit the dentist’s office to learn more about Invisalign for teens, and watch the accompanying video.

You’ll hear how Invisalign lets your teen brush and floss normally, without having to work around metal brackets and wires—another reason why dentists recommend Invisalign. You’ll also see teens playing sports. There’s no need to worry about metal braces poking the soft tissues of the mouth during sports activities. If a mouth guard needs to be worn, your teen can easily pop the aligners out before getting on the playing field.

Invisalign treatment is one of the many convenient services we offer here at Park 56 Dental. Call (646) 783-3529 to schedule an Invisalign consult in NYC for your teenager.