Tips for Taking Good Care of Your Dental Bridges

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Taking care of your dental bridges is crucial to a healthy mouth and stable smile restoration. As the best dentists in New York can agree, dental bridges require daily oral care and awareness of the right and wrong foods to eat. Let’s take a quick look at some tips to help you care for your dental bridges.

Tip #1: Maintain Good Dental and Gum Care
The key to any successful smile restoration is to maintain good dental and gum care. Floss between every tooth—including the backs of your molars—once a day to remove bacteria and debris. This will prevent gum disease, which can severely impact your mouth’s ability to maintain a stable dental bridge. Brush your teeth, including the bridge, twice a day, for two minutes at a time. This will remove bacteria from the surface of your teeth and prevent future tooth decay.

Tip #2: Use Fluoridated Products
Fluoridated products—such as toothpastes and mouthwashes—are crucial to the continued health of your teeth. By strengthening your teeth’s enamel, fluoride contributes to your teeth’s ability to fight off acid from damaging bacteria and sugar. Fluoride can also prevent and reverse signs of early tooth decay. Look for dental care products approved by the American Dental Association, also known as the ADA, to ensure there is a recommended amount of fluoride.

Tip #3: Avoid Ice and Hard Foods
The best dentists in New York agree that chewing ice is one of the most damaging habits you can have, whether you have a dental bridge or not. Chewing ice, and other hard candies or foods, can lead to minute fractures on your natural teeth and those in your bridge. As these fractures worsen, your teeth and bridge may crack, which could lead to painful and costly restoration procedures.

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