What Parents Need to Know About Baby Teeth

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As the top dentists in NYC can agree, many parents do not realize how important children’s baby teeth are. By having this essential knowledge, parents can prepare their children for a healthy relationship with their dentist and their oral health.

They Are Important
Many parents are not concerned with their children’s dental hygiene until the permanent teeth erupt, which is usually around ages five to seven. Due to this lack of concern, many children do not have a healthy dental care routine, and they can experience severe tooth decay at a young age. Baby teeth are very important to children’s ability to eat, speak, and the healthy formation of their adult teeth. By learning how to care for their baby teeth, children learn proper dental care, such as regular flossing, brushing, and visiting the dentist’s office. This education is important to the future health of a child’s mouth and body.

They Can Decay
Baby teeth look and function in the same manner as adult teeth. They are susceptible to tooth decay, and they can cause pain or toothaches when a tooth has been affected. Parents must strive to teach their children health dental care habits and monitor the number of sweet drinks and treats. When children regularly consume candies, sodas, and other sweet items, they are exposing their teeth to acids that can cause tooth decay.

They Should Be Examined
The best dentists in NYC all agree that babies should be examined around their first birthday or when their first tooth erupts. By visiting the dentist’s office from an early age, children will learn about proper dental hygiene, and they will feel more comfortable visiting the dentist. Through early detection, dentists can look for potential bite issues and orthodontic issues. This is important to the continued health of children as they grow up.

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