Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

As the top dentist in NYC will tell you, even one missing tooth can create a host of problems for your mouth. More than one missing tooth can magnify those problems exponentially. While there are a variety of tooth replacement options available, many people don’t explore the possibilities unless they are missing so many teeth that eating has become a problem. Here’s why that can be a huge mistake:

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Loss of Alignment
When one or more teeth are loss, the remaining teeth have a natural propensity for shifting into the newly opened space. This includes both the adjacent teeth along the affected ridge, as well as the opposing teeth on the opposite ridge. When teeth shift out of place, it can create new gaps between otherwise well aligned teeth, while simultaneously disrupting the bite. This may lead to unnatural force on the remaining teeth that can cause them to wear prematurely or even crack or break.

Loss of Bone
The only thing that keeps the bone in your jaw from resorbing into the body is the constant stimulation it receives from your teeth. When a tooth is removed , that stimulation is removed with it, and the body believes it is no longer necessary to support bone in the area. The complications from bone loss are many and varied, but the most notable is not having enough bone to support tooth replacements such as implants at a later date.

Loss of Esthetic Value
Missing teeth create a cosmetic problem as well, which can lead to a patient losing self-esteem or adopting a negative self-image. Our smiles are so important to our personal sense of well-being and attractiveness. A cosmetic dentist specializing in tooth replacement can help you prevent or reverse these effects of tooth loss.

If you have missing teeth and are ready to take action to replace them, contact us at Park 56 Dental in NYC. We’ll be happy to explore all of your options with you and make a recommendation of which is best for you. Call (212) 826-2322 for an appointment today!