What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Tooth discoloration can become a growing concern, as normal wear and tear can thin enamel and expose underlying dentin. Yet well before natural enamel erosion occurs, tooth stains can arise from ordinary daily habits. To combat the effects of these habits, a top dentist can administer teeth whitening treatment to keep your teeth bright and beautiful.

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Medication Complications

Are your once white teeth turning yellow or gray? The reason may be the prescription medications you take. Especially if the introduction of a new medication coincides with sudden tooth discoloration, the drug may be to blame. When discussing discoloration concerns with your dentist, make him aware of all medications that you currently use. He can determine if those drugs are producing your tooth stains and how best to address them.

Beverage Deposits

Unless you consume only water and milk, your choice of beverage may be contributing to tooth discoloration. Some of the most popular drinks are also the ones that cause the most damage. Cola, coffee, and black tea are some of the most common offenders, but virtually any richly colored beverage can leave pigment on your teeth. So if you often enjoy tomato juice or red wine, you may notice the dulling of your teeth in response to your drinking preferences.

Plaque Buildup

You have no prescription medications, and you avoid all stain-producing beverages. However, you still have dull teeth. In such a case, you might want to evaluate your current oral hygiene practices. The bacteria in your mouth are constantly building plaque, a sticky substance that adheres to tooth enamel and causes its discoloration. The longer it remains on your teeth, the more pronounced its effects could be. A consistent brushing and flossing routine, as well as regular dental cleanings, can ward off the accumulation of plaque that produces tooth discoloration.

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