Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

The term “baby teeth” refers to the set of 20 primary teeth that first appear in the mouth. Around the age of six, these teeth begin to fall out and make way for the final set of 32 permanent teeth. Baby teeth play an important role in your child’s dental health as well as the development of his body and speech throughout childhood. 

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Tooth Alignment

Baby teeth are an important factor in the alignment of your child’s smile later in life because they act as placeholders for his permanent teeth. When a baby tooth is lost prematurely, it can cause the other teeth to shift and affect the placement of the permanent teeth when they appear. If your child accidentally knocks out a baby tooth, your dentist may provide him with a space maintainer to ensure the forming permanent tooth will erupt in the proper alignment.


Your child’s baby teeth help him to obtain the nutrition he needs to build a healthy body. Teeth allow your child to bite and chew his food, ensuring he can eat a diet rich in the fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins he needs to grow. Painful or lost teeth can affect your child’s ability to eat, limiting the nutrients he ingests and affecting his growth and development. If your child appears to be experiencing tooth pain, schedule a visit to your dentist for an evaluation.


In addition to allowing your child to eat the foods he loves, his teeth also help him to learn proper speech patterns. Problems with your child’s dental development could affect his ability to speak now and in later years. Healthy baby teeth are needed to help your child form the sounds that make up the words he will use every day.

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