Steps to Take After a Dental Injury

Emergency situations can produce confusion and panic no matter how calm you may be in everyday life. The sight of blood and sensation of pain might provoke an anxious response, which is why emergency dentists recommend that patients consider ahead of time how to handle an unexpected oral crisis.

The teeth

Control Bleeding
A variety of dental injuries can cause bleeding. An avulsed tooth, lacerated cheek, or cut lip can trigger extensive blood flow. This side effect can make it difficult to assess the  severity of the condition . Depending on the amount of blood loss, it may also cause the injured person to become lightheaded, nauseated, or panicked. Apply firm yet gentle pressure to the injury site to slow blood loss. You may also want to place an ice pack on the cut to reduce swelling.

Protect Damaged Areas of the Mouth
A common dental emergency is a knocked out tooth. While the event itself may seem devastating, dentists can often reinsert the tooth and restore the patient’s smile. To ensure that someone with an avulsed tooth can enjoy this outcome, it’s essential to keep the tooth safe from additional harm. Upon locating the tooth, keep it moist and clean. Immersing the tooth in a cup of milk is the ideal means of transporting it to a dentist for re-implantation. 

Seek Emergency Care
Never underestimate the complications that a dental injury can cause. Even if a painful toothache subsides, it may indicate the presence of an abscess that could bring on tooth and jawbone harm. A chipped tooth can continue to fracture and suffer more damage. A misaligned jaw can lead to eating and speaking discomfort. By consulting an emergency dentist for help, you can receive the necessary treatment for a full recovery.

Did you know that Park 56 Dental has an emergency dentist on call every hour of the day? We understand that a dental injury can happen just as easily at 3 a.m. as 3 p.m. If you suffer a significant oral issue, call our NYC office at (212) 826-2322  for immediate assistance .