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Client’s rating: 5 of 5

I LOVE Dr. Ruof! You read that right, I LOVE my dentist! Like everyone I had bad dental experiences as a child. No one likes to feel that loss of control, and I thought I would never ever get over it. I avoided going to the dentist for many years because of these bad experiences, but thank God I found Dr. Laura Ruof through a co-worker. To start, the office doesn’t have that regular dentist office smell. You feel like you are walking into an upscale spa, with candles burning and calm friendly people. Seriously, every single person who works in that office is genuinely sweet and considerate. Everyone smiles, everyone helps, everyone cares. Especially Dr. Ruof. She is fun and so smart, but more than that she is KIND. She genuinely cares about YOU, about your dental health of course, but also about your general health, your family, your life. I really love how there’s no cheesy dental office music! You can listen to her personal music selections or you can have your OWN music playing in the room (how cool is that?), watch tv, or just relax. She is so gentle I’ve fallen asleep in her chair many times. When it comes down to the dental stuff, she definitely teaches me a lot. She doesn’t just say “ok you have 3 cavities see you next week” she takes pictures of each tooth, uses models to demonstrate what she means, and draws me pictures. They have all the latest technology and I can see my xrays and pictures up on the screen. Obviously I just can’t say enough good things! I’ve sent at least 5 people from my office and lots of friends too. I’ve also been treated by Dr. Rabinowitz at Park56 when I needed my wisdom teeth out. Ruof and Rabinowitz are like the dental dream team!

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