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Blog Posts in 2018

Porcelain Veneer Replacement 101

If your teeth are chipped or cracked, or there are gaps between them, your dentist might recommend porcelain veneers. They can wear down over time if you don’t take care of them, and ...
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What Is Oral Sedation?

Not everyone has an easy time seeing the dentist, even if it’s the best dentist in NYC. Some people get anxiety when they have upcoming appointments, and these people may benefit from sedation ...
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Preserve Your Teeth Whitening Results by Avoiding These Foods

When you go to the top dentist in NYC to have your teeth whitened, you’ll probably end up loving the results. However, you need to stay away from certain food products if you want to keep your ...
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How Long Should You Wear Your Invisalign Aligners Daily?

Even the best dentist in NYC can’t force you to keep your aligners in when you go through Invisalign treatment, so you need to know how long you should wear them for. The way you use your ...
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Understanding the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry involves the use of sedative drugs to relieve anxiety. If you choose sedation dentistry for your next root canal or veneers treatment, you’ll find yourself more comfortable ...
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Comparing Deep and Moderate Sedation

Some people get nervous thinking about visiting the dental clinic, even when they have the best dentists in NYC to take care of them. Sedation dentistry helps people with dental anxiety stay ...
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Is Invisalign the Right Treatment for Your Teen?

Teenagers have a lot going on in their lives, which can be tough to deal with during such a crucial stage of development. Invisalign offers a way for teens to improve their oral health in a way that ...
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How Tongue Piercings Affect Your Oral Health

It’s becoming more common for young people to express themselves with tattoos and piercings, but even the best dentist in NYC can’t protect you from the oral health risks that tongue ...
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All-on-4 Implants 101

You’ve heard of dental implants being used to treat missing teeth, but what if you’re missing an entire arch? Thanks to All-on-4 implants, you can replace entire arches or even your whole ...
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Dental Implants Are a Permanent Solution for Missing Teeth

It’s always preferable to save the natural tooth, but this isn’t always possible. If you have teeth that are too badly damaged or diseased to be saved, or if you already have gaps in your ...
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