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Blog Posts in 2014

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Why Do Gums Recede?

Gum recession is something that the best dentists in NYC look for during checkups and appointments. Because this condition can lead to tooth loss, it is critical that care takes place as soon as ...
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Why More Adults Are Turning to Invisalign

Cosmetic dentists in NYC often recommend Invisalign to their adult patients. Have you ever wondered why? It's because the top dentists know how amazing this orthodontic treatment option is. Here are ...
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Get to Know Dr. Laura Ruof

One of the top dentists in NYC is Park 56 Dental’s own Dr. Laura Ruof. Her wonderful personality and training in emergency dentistry make her a vital asset to our practice. After growing up in ...
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Understanding the Root Canal Procedure

Inside every tooth is some pulp that houses the nerve, which allows you to feel different sensations and temperatures on your teeth. If decay or infection reaches the pulp, it causes intense pain. ...
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A Look at Accelerated Invisalign

Crooked or crowded teeth can significantly decrease the aesthetic appeal of your smile. If you want to get straighter teeth but do not want to wait to get them, Accelerated Invisalign could be the ...
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How Tobacco Affects Your Oral Health

Using tobacco products can negatively affect your oral health. Not only do they stain your teeth, but they also cause bad breath. Smoking or using chewing tobacco can also lead to gingivitis, which is ...
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What Is AcceleDent?

The top cosmetic dentists have offer services that give you the results you want. If you are self-conscious about the condition of your teeth, AcceleDent helps you get the smile you want in less time ...
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Taking Care of Your Invisalign Aligners

Many people are drawn to Invisalign because using the aligners are convenient and require minimal care. Invisalign aligners hold several advantages over traditional metal braces. Read on to learn how ...
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Is ZOOM! Whitening Right for You?

Many people visit their dentists to address stained or discolored teeth. Still others take care of this problem on their own using store bought treatment kits. Keep reading to find out if ZOOM! ...
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Learn More About Fillings, Crowns, and Root Canals

Fillings, crowns, and root canals are appropriate for a variety of conditions. Watch this video to learn more about these procedures. A filling is a very common type of dental procedure, and it is ...
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Signs That You Could Benefit from Dental Sedation

For many people, dental sedation has been a dental lifesaver. It can make you feel more comfortable at your dentist’s office and help you get through complicated procedures in what feels like ...
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What to Expect at Your First Visit to Park 56 Dental

If you experience dental anxiety, you will be happy to learn that Park 56 Dental is dedicated to customer service and comfort. Our team is staffed with caring and gentle professionals who are ...
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It's Never Too Late: Exploring Invisalign for Adults

Straighter teeth can provide an array of benefits, and you no longer have to use traditional braces to achieve them. If you are an adult who has put off teeth alignment because you were intimidated by ...
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The Anatomy of a Tooth

Many people realize that a tooth is made up of a crown and its roots, but there are also deeper layers involved. Watch this video to take a closer look at the anatomy of a tooth. There are 4 layers of ...
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The Dental Patient's Guide to Root Canals

Root canals are popular dental treatments that address internal issues. Contrary to popular myths, the discomfort experienced during a root canal is comparable to that of a dental extraction. Here is ...
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Understanding the Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

While straight teeth can provide obvious benefits like an attractive smile, they also bolster your oral and general health. Keep reading to more fully understand the health benefits of straight teeth. ...
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How Invisalign Can Improve Your Life [INFOGRAPHIC]

Everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile that they are proud of, which is why more and more people are asking their dentists about Invisalign. Invisalign is a nearly invisible alternative to ...
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What Are the Most Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures?

Cosmetic dentistry is an excellent solution for people who wish to improve the appearance of their teeth. There are many available treatments, and many of them also improve your teeth’s ...
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How Aging Affects Your Oral Health

No one stays young forever, but you can keep yourself feeling healthy and young by taking care of your oral health. Watch this video to find out how aging affects your oral health. Among those who ...
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Reasons to Consider Replacing Your Teeth with Dental Implants

Whether you lost a tooth due to an injury or because of periodontal disease, it's important that you replace it in a timely and effective manner with help from a top dentist in NYC. Missing teeth can ...
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Meet Dr. Jennifer J. Jablow

Known throughout numerous social circles and industries as the “smile maker” and the “tooth fairy”, Dr. Jennifer J. Jablow has established herself as one of the most in-demand ...
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The Benefits of Having Whiter Teeth

A radiant, white smile is one of the best accessories that a person can sport as it reflects not only a sense of pride in one's outward appearance but also a concern for one's overall health. As NYC's ...
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Missing Teeth Affect Your Health

For many people experiencing tooth loss, their outward appearance can become a great source of stress. However, as this video highlights, missing teeth can negatively affect more than just one's ...
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A Look at the Dental Implant Procedure

Bridges and dentures were once the only means of smile restoration. With the introduction dental implants, though, patients can have their tooth loss remedied with permanent devices that mimic the ...
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Spotlight on Dr. Jeffrey M. Rabinowitz

Are you looking for a top dentist who can address all of your oral health needs? Then consider Dr. Jeffrey M. Rabinowitz as your only go-to dentist. Unlike other dental professionals that specialize ...
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